Back then bamboo was considered to be the building material for the poor because in China and India the poorest of the people used bamboo to build their structures because the material is renewable and it is an inexpensive resource but now this material is used in all types and forms of architecture whether they are houses, office buildings or hotels many of these places are prominently built with building material bamboo.

The reason why the construction has taken a shift towards bamboo rather than wood because the normal wood takes approx twenty to sixty years of tie frame to mature while in comparison to that bamboo takes very less time to regenerate.

Structurally bamboo is a very trustable material it has good density and tensile strength, although the fiber strength increases as it gets older but the tensile strength remains the same. Since the architecture has taken a shift towards sustainability also because of that bamboo got quite famous because of its sustainability factors.

Other than just being used structurally bamboo is also used ornamentally in facades of the buildings and for the other decorative purposes of interior and exterior spaces of buildings, I have proven its superiority over materials such as plastic and steel that is why we see bamboo very often I structures these days worldwide.


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