We are well aware of the climate changes and the hazardous effects it has brought along with itself. It has become one of the biggest challenges today for a reason.

One of the major effects of climate change is global warming, which includes melting of glaciers, rise in sea level, destruction of living organisms and habitats and cause of many diseases etc. About 23 billion tons of carbon is emitted per year which is a direct cause of global warming. Every year the world is facing heat strokes due to the intense climate in summers. The sky is dried up and it almost takes ages to pour the rain down because the patterns of rain is also disturbed due to climate change.
On the other hand, the ground is still being occupied by concrete masses that continues to expand beyond our control. In order to preserve the ecological health of the world, we, as Architects and Urban planners must look towards saving the Earth by creating spaces and buildings that are not only green but also adaptable to our society. It should be a primary concern to design ecosystems that are healthier in order to reduce the negative energies in the context.
A session was conducted by Rina Saeed Khan, on the problems of climate change where the head of WWF, Hammad Naqi, eminent environmental lawyer, Dr Parvez Hassan and award-winning journalist, Paul Salopek were included in the discussion.
`One of the most frightening statements that we get to hear is that as a country we do not contribute much to greenhouse emissions and, therefore, climate change,` started Nagi
Therefore, It does make sense why in today’s world there is a growing demand for Green & Sustainable Architecture.

Architects can practice this by choosing materials, construction and design strategies that are sustainable and green and use a conscious approach to play their role in minimizing the negative environmental impact of buildings.


Forests: A secret weapon against climate change

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