Country with smallest carbon footprint exposed to extreme weather catastrophes

Country with smallest carbon footprint exposed to extreme weather catastrophes

This country has the smallest carbon footprint but is the hardest hit by climate change. In Burundi, 1 in 2 children is stunted and chronic malnutrition rates are among the highest in the world but the country’s carbon emission is so low that they are often rounded down to zero. Global warming is actually disrupting the world’s food supply.

But underdeveloped countries suffer the most, because they are more reliant on small-scale farming, which is extremely exposed to extreme weather such as droughts and floods.

In Burundi, these could cut yields by up to a quarter in coming decades. 90% of its workforce is employed in agriculture. But Burundi isn’t the only country with a tiny carbon footprint that’s suffering.

In the DR Congo, flooding is leading to soil erosion, landslides and crop failure and higher humidity is raising the threat of diseases in crops and livestock.  While Madagascar faces a constant risk of cyclones, which the leads to longer and more intense rainy seasons, which is a growing problem facing the whole region.

Along with longer, hotter dry seasons that adds to Africa’s increasing food insecurity. Urgent action is needed to tackle the problem and address the underlying problem of climate change.

Some measures could include reducing carbon emissions, rewilding land and changing farming practices.

Figure 1: Flood in Burundi


Figure 2: Agricultural land in Burundi

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