Cycle Route of the Rivers

Cycle Route of the Rivers

Europe has a cycling route that goes from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. Through this route, you cycle through 10 countries and ride alongside 6 European rivers.

EuroVelo 6 is mainly on dedicated bike paths or roads with little traffic. Cyclists see some of Europe’s most beautiful sights, including the Dnube Delta in Romania and the Loire Valley in France. The cyclists would also pass through capital cities like Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade.

It is one of the country’s most interesting unbroken cycle routes. Cyclists love crossing Southern Alsace through the peaceful Canal du Rhône au Rhin. An unforgettable section takes you along the Doubs Valley and through the Jura Region’s hills. Lastly, you cross Southern Burgundy, passing by famous vineyards, medieval villages and historic industrial sites beside the Canal du Centre.


It’s a long ride though, 3653 km of cycling but offers a very adventurous experience with breath-taking views along the ride.

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