Environmental friendly furniture-IKEAS road to the sustainable paradigm

Environmental friendly furniture-IKEAS road to the sustainable paradigm

Talk about environmental friendly furniture? IKEA will only be using renewable and recycled materials by 2030. The store is making all its furniture environmental friendly, and by 2030, everything IKEA sells will be designed to be repurposed. Reused, Resold and Recycled. It will also remove all single-use plastic products from the stores.

Figure 1: Leran Pendant Lamp


Figure 2: Nasum Basket


Not only that, but it will also increase vegetarian food it offers at its restaurants. They also aim for zero-emission home deliveries by 2025.

As of now, 60% of the IKEA range currently uses renewable materials and 10% contains recycled materials. Although many campaigners welcomed IKEA’s move, they also said that more needs to be done across the industry.

One truckload of plastic waste enters our oceans every minute. We all need to change our lifestyles. Other companies must also learn from IKEA and play their part in making an environmental friendly change in the society and in this world. It’s time we all focus on the environmental friendly perspective and find our ways to bring change. It’s the only way this planet can survive.

Figure 3: Norden Birch Table


Figure 4: Hula Chair

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