Five reasons why trees are important for cities

Five reasons why trees are important for cities

We have gathered five reason why you would want to plant a tree in your surroundings. Scientists have been researching on nature since decades and they have lost count when it comes to the wonders of nature. Nature has always been a great help in the medical field and it has a lot of other benefits as well. Here are the five most basic ones that you could think of. They are indeed very amazing.

  1. They reduce pollution and keeps us cool. On streets lined with trees, there are 60% fewer exhaust fumes. As well as less noise and wind pollution.A mature tree can absorb up to 150kg of CO2 per year. Its cooling affect is equivalent to 10 air conditioning units running 20 hours a day, lowering neighbourhood’s temperature by 6 degree centigrade.
  2. They make us happy. Scientists have found just seeing trees can make us happy, relaxed and less-stressed and exercising around trees instead of in the gym makes people 50% happier.
  3. They protect urban wildlife. A mature oak can be home to 500 different species, encouraging biodiversity in built-up areas.
  4. Trees save money. They moderate urban climates, saving up to 10% in heating and cooling costs.
  5. They keep us physically healthy. 11 extra trees on your block have such a positive effect on your heart health. That is equivalent to earning $20,000 and more or being 1.4 years younger.

Courtesy: Congress for the New Urbanism

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