Forests: A secret weapon against climate change

Forests: A secret weapon against climate change

Previously, we discussed how climate change is the cause of world economic and ecological degradation. One of our secret weapons against climate change could be our forests as trees are the most powerful carbon-absorbing technology in the world. Every year, about 22kg of Carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere is absorbed by a mature tree, which soaks up other pollutants from the surroundings as well (Source: European Environment Agency).

Not only that, but forests have the ability to develop ‘carbon sinks’ which are basically natural reservoirs that store carbon compounds. One good example is that of the Amazon’s carbon sink, which is big enough to absorb more carbon than is produced by whole countries.

Amazon Rainforest, Source: Facts Legend


Therefore, this is enough to prove that forests can actually fight against climate change and planting trees should be our first priority alongside the reduction of fossil fuels.

This will not only tackle climate change but would also help in fighting deforestation.

According to WWF, the Earth loses about 18.7 million acres of forest every year which equals to 27 soccer fields every minute. Unfortunately, about half of the world’s tropical forests have been cleared (Source: FAO). While, deforestation and forest degradation are responsible for at least 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions (Source: WWF).

Deforestation, Source: Live Science


It’s high time we plant more and more trees so that we are able to live a better tomorrow.

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