Handicrafts of Hala

Hala is a quaint town in Sindh, located by the left bank of River Indus. It is one of the historical, literary, and spiritual towns of Sindh. It is also known for producing handicrafts by ancient artisanal Kashi artists called ‘Kashigars’.

The handicrafts of Hala include glazed color pottery (Kaashi), woodwork (Jandi), cloth printing, woven cloth (Sussi) and Khaddar made of handmade Khaddi.  Among these handicrafts, pottery like glazed ceramic terra cotta pieces are very much popular in Pakistan and beyond.

Pottery of Hala is made in various shapes, sizes which are then hand painted by the Kashi artists. These potteries are not only popular in Pakistan but they are very much appreciated and demanded in Middle East and Europe.

Potteries of cobalt blue, turquoise, purple, mustard, white and brown colors are the most popular colors that are demanded.

The town is even more exciting than it sounds like. The streets of Hala consists of small workshops or pottery yards.  The workshops are not high end as you may see in Europe but the sure are pleasing to see as they have an earthy feel to them with the borders only marked by brick walls and the yard organic in composition.

Handcrafted Pottery

A Kashi artist busy in painting the pottery


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