We are hearing this term healing in architecture quite often these days but what does it mean actually? This word healing came from an Anglo-Saxon word Halen which means to make a whole. In other words, if we look deeply on this term it means harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

One thing which needs to be cleared about this concept is that being completely cured is not what healing is curing is more about fixing problems, removing the disease, and reducing its symptoms but people can be healed even if they are not cured.

In healing the most important thing is the reduction of stress and anxiety which leads to many positive results in the process of curing and being better mentally and physically. Our environment and the atmosphere are most major things through which the process of healing can be achieved and its factors are light, space, color, shape, texture and artwork. By creating spaces close to nature and exposed to a natural environment in which a person’s senses are evoked which provides calm and serenity to the person’s mind and body can be called a healing environment.

Nowadays hospitals, clinics, veterinary hospitals, blood banks need to be designed by using factors of healing environment so that they can become more beneficial to the people and in the process of healing and curing.


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