Interior Design ’tips and tricks’ for transforming your space

Interior Design ’tips and tricks’ for transforming your space

  • Build around your space

Use furniture according to the scale of your room. People often ignores this basic space planning essentials and use furniture that is either too small or too large for a space.

Build around the furniture that you actually have space for. Always think about if your furniture placement is balancing the space. One way of sorting this all out is to divide your space into zones of different activities taking place in that space, for example, a seating area conducive to conversation, a dining area closer to your kitchen, another area for television viewing etc.

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  • Softer colour palette for small rooms

One way to make your small room look bigger is to paint it in neutral, lighter and softer colours. This will definitely be a game changer for you. People often make this mistake of not choosing the colour palette carefully.

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  • Mix and Match

It doesn’t really matter if your budget is tight and you don’t want to spend money buying new furniture or accessories, but still want your space to look just as new and perfect. You just need to be creative. Grab on those things that you want to reuse and mix and match patterns and textures, old and new, expensive and inexpensive. Create a theme for yourself to see what goes together with the selected colours and the theme and you are good to go!

With fabrics whether it be furniture, rugs or pillows, varied colours and patterns can bring warmth and texture into your living space.

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  • Create focus by including a featured wall

Paint a wall in a different or unusual colour. Not only it will create focus but it will also complete the entire look and bring everything together.

It will give a stimulating and vibrant ambiance, depending on the colour, it will also make your wall frames, paintings or sculptures more prominent. The kitchen is another room that looks good with strong colours, like yellow, for example.

But remember to choose colours carefully, keeping in mind, the area of the space. Always try to go with lighter colours for small spaces, like bedroom, so that it’s more relaxing and you can have a good night’s sleep.

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  • Let nature come into your space

We are well aware of the benefits of living with green. The idea is not new but it is wonderful. You can always treat your space by adding some greenery to it, like hanging pots or incorporating planters and creepers, maybe in the balcony or fresh indoor plants in your living room. This is also the cheapest yet most appealing thing you could do to your space.

It will give a fresh and healing ambiance and will also help in reducing stresses of your daily life.

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