This 400-year-old world has been derived from the Germanic word Landschaft, this word Landschaft refers to a geographical area of human occupation. As time and knowledge have emerged this word’s concept and understanding has been developed a lot.

The most important and the basic understanding which people usually comprehend is the way that how people live and the scenery. However, the landscape is much more than it’s actual meaning it is the connection of the human body and soul with the divine beauty of nature and tranquility which it offers to convey us.

As it affects our mental emotional and physical health it also plays an important part in dealing with the person’s spirituality as nature is directly connected to the eternity of God so it has a lot different and has more extensive interpretation if we dig more deeper in this term.


Landscape plays a significant role in three most fields of our life one in our Economy, in our Social-cultural life and in our Ecology.


by creating alluring and delightful space spaces such as parks and entertainment relaxing spaces to attract the people especially tourist and explorers this can work as a productive capacity to attract investment and business for the benefit of the economy.

Social/ culture life:

Landscaping brings a beautiful sense of place to our spaces and gives it an identity which enhances value to our cultural values and historical linkages as it also becomes an endeavor to bring this era’s family life together and bring tranquility and calm among the people.


As nowadays our lives are so much tangled around tech stuff and advancements that we really don’t overlook among the facts that what things are causing harm to our environment and overall health of planet hence landscaping plays a significant and a beneficial role for the conservation, regeneration and in the revival of indigenous habits


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