Lighting types and their correct use in Interior design

Lighting types and their correct use in Interior design

Lighting is the most important factor in a design. A good lighting always create a perfect ambiance by creating a correct balance between light and shadows but if the lighting is off, the design loses its charm. Yes! That’s how much lighting influence a design. But it’s really important to have some knowledge before you start picking lights for your space.  We are here to help!

There are three main types of lighting:

  1. Ambient Lighting

This has to be the most common artificial lighting used in homes. This lighting does not create shadows and gives a good soft glow to your space, just enough of it for you to function without creating a harsh glare.

There are many ambient lights style preferences out there for you to choose from.  It’s important to figure out the feel you want to add to your space, do you want it to be cozy or bright? It has now become way easier by installing dimmer switches with your lighting fixtures so that you are able to control the amount of light to achieve the ambiance you desire.

The ambient light is an artificial light but in cinematography and photography, it is considered a natural light. Chandeliers and wall sconces are some examples of typical ambient lights.

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  1. Task lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is specifically designed for you to perform a certain task, like reading, writing, putting on makeup etc.

The typical examples of task lighting include directional reading lamps, under counter slight strips and vanity mirror lights.

When choosing task lights, always decide the strategic locations in your space, where you want to place them and also the task you would be performing. That’s why it’s quite tricky to choose task lights.  Look for the places in your room where you would require a task light, for example, if you have a specific chair that’s your favourite spot for reading a book, you can place a floor lamp that is also directional so that you can direct it onto your paper. That’s exactly what a task light is for, it’s used to enhance visual clarity, making it easier for you to perform day-to-day tasks.

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  1. Accent Lighting

The main purpose of accent lighting is to highlight an architectural detail or a specific object in your room.  For example, these lights can be used to highlight a beautiful textured wall in your room or a painting that you have hung on the wall. You can also install dimmer switches with the fixtures so that you are able to choose between soft highlight and a strong one.

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  1. Recessed lighting and spot lighting

Recessed lights are used for accenting.  They can be placed on the base of the wall to light up a beautiful textured wall or a painting.

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These were some of the basic lighting types that we discussed. By choosing the correct ones for your room, you can add value to the function of your design.







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