This mind-blowing amazing structure has directed its attention to many tourists who visit Abu Dhabi and this museum is a must-visit in their tourist destination list. This museum is designed and conceptualized by Jean Nouvel so beautifully that every person who visits this place becomes lost in it for a while because of its mind-blowing perforated steel structure.

Louvre Abu Dhabi stands on the waterfront of Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island, a man-made island on the coast of the United Arab Emirates capital. It has become the final destination of the urban promenade, a garden on the coast, a cool haven, a shelter of light during the day and evening, it’s aesthetic consistent with its role as a sanctuary for the most precious work of arts. It is both a calm and complex place. A contrast amongst a series of museums that cultivate their differences and their authenticities.

Jean Nouvel himself states:

“Louvre Abu Dhabi embodies an exceptional programme in the literal sense of the word. Its vocation is now to express what is universal throughout the ages. Its architecture makes it a place of convergence and correlation between the immense sky, the sea-horizon and the territory of the desert. Its dome and cupola imprint the space with the consciousness of time and of the moment through an evocative light of a spirituality that is its own”


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