As we all know that the planet is moving towards a serious condition due to global warming, climatic conditions, increase in industrial products and we being slaves of energy and technology is just making the whole conditions worst. Buildings are also playing a huge part in this because buildings these days are the biggest threat to this planet because they are most energy consumers as they completely depend on HVAC systems, hence architects, designers, and urban planners have taken great interest in this issue that’s why the world of architecture has taken a new shift and gathered it’s attention towards sustainable architecture. It has techniques and advancements which are energy efficient and does less damage to the environment.

Due to this technology buildings are being designed by considering the climatic effects of the region also focusing on the functional relationships and the external appearance of the building which also have profound effects on the user which affects the social behavior of the society and to the people’s sense of belongings.

In the recent years, some very important initiative has been taken in order to promote sustainable architecture and to aware people about this technology so that not only on mega-scale projects it can be translated but also on the smaller ones the technology can be applied.


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