Pakistani architecture is a combination of various styles it also includes various structures that have been built during different periods of time. It starts from the Indus Valley Civilization which dates back from the 3rd millennium B.C. Archeologists excavated various cities with mind-blowing facilities being used at that time.

Then the Buddhist and Hindu Architecture came along in which amazing monuments, structures, and temples were built, Buddhist and Hindu architecture were also influenced by Greek and Persian styles. Then the arrival of Islam brought Mughal Architecture in lead with mind-blowing mosques and the ornamentation of Islamic calligraphy.

After that British Colonial Architecture takes place which predominantly represents the buildings of Indo European style which is a mixture of Indian Islamic Components among them most prominent works are Mohatta Palace and the Frere Hall. After independence Pakistan strove to express its newfound national identity through Architecture which reflects itself particularly in modern structures such as faial mosque and buildings of monumental importance such as Minar e Pakistan and Mazar e Quaid.


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