In the tourism industry, architecture’s role is very important and both of the things are very closely interrelated with each other. it can be seen from the historic ancient times that architecture has a really profound effect on tourism in which we see Temples which were created to honor Gods, Grand Theatres, Stadiums, and Colosseum and other monumental buildings which were created had the attention of people and large crowds of various cultures and societies used to entertain their selves from it. We can see various examples of it throughout the whole of Europe in places such as Rome, Paris, Athens, Venice, Amsterdam and many other places who had the spirit of era entangled with them and that spirit and era still lives through the buildings built in that period.

But currently, in recent decades this has taken a shift because nowadays Modern architecture gains the same attention and attraction which makes cities a great increase in a number of tourists and turning cities into a new tourist attraction. The best example of it which can be described is Dubai which is a middle eastern country that has gained a lot of extravagancy due to tourism.

People are supporting tourism through architecture because Great architecture not only promotes economic and social development, but it becomes a product that markets itself as a symbol that exceeds the target group and everyone must-see tourist destinations.


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