Top YouTube Channels for Architects

Top YouTube Channels for Architects

In today’s world of technology, where students invest more of their time on internet and “google-ing” than reading books, because the technology is offering them precise information in a short span of time and also visual graphics is more catchy and interesting to the people of all age. Sigh, since only the short number of book-worms would truly know how much the books always prove to be useful at every step of their lives and the personal attachments that they develop with them.

So it is safe to say that it wouldn’t be surprising if you see a library with empty chairs and the books on the shelves being covered with thick layers of dust.

This era has introduced the people with tiniest of devices that they could easily carry in their pockets but with those tiny devices having so much information to offer, it would be understandable why technology is over the top of everything today.

But there are thousands of channels that you could find easily on YouTube on almost every subject. If we talk about Architecture, we know that this subject particularly requires so much research based work that students need to catch on, during their university time, and even after they become an Architect. There is no limit to knowledge. You learn something totally new every day. This is same for every field.

We have listed down top thirteen Architecture channels on YouTube that you could easily find and binge watch today. Yes, because they are that interesting! These are:


2. Chicago Architecture Foundation

3. donot settle

4. Harvard GSD

5. Architecture is a Good Idea

6. TheModmin

7. Arbuckle Industries

8. Photoshop. Architect

9. Autodesk

10. Nick Senske

11. How to Architect

12. Arch Daily

13. Architetc Media



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